Certificates and Licences

The Academy is considered a reference provider in the United States of America by obtaining multiple certificates in the field of dentistry and granting licenses for it.

CEP License
Continuing Education Registered Provider
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DCA Permit
DCA License
Continuing Education Registered Provider
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About The Academy

Achieving Together

The American Arab Academy of Dentistry is a leading academy in the field of education, training, scientific research and consultation, and all of its certificates are certified at the international and local levels.

Our Goals

The Academy aims to provide high-level scientific content, expand the horizons of teaching and learning, organize training courses and workshops, and make a major qualitative shift in its scientific content to focus on the practical aspect to ensure that the participant obtains the maximum possible benefit and to provide explanations and advice to all dentists at the university stage and newly graduated specialists.

The development of education in the field of comprehensive dentistry, which combines and integrates medical science and modern technology in the field of dentistry on the one hand, and the needs of the patient on the other hand, and the acquisition of lifelong learning skills in a world-class environment that embraces applied research that aims to improve and develop methods of oral care, etc. Impact on public health.

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